Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Swallowed: Part Three

(See here for part one and here for part two)

Back on the ship, Scotty and the rest of the crew were relieved to see Kirk, Spock, and Uhura when beam-up was complete. But Scotty said he needed a private conversation with Captain Kirk, They went into the engine rooms and Scotty whispered, “The engines almost exploded while you were gone.”

Kirk’s eyes widened like space saucers. “What happened? What made them nearly explode? Are the engines working okay now?”

Scotty nodded. “The heart was the problem. Its vibrations were too strong for the ship. Her engine’s are old, Captian. They couldn’t stand the shaking. Hopefully it’s over now.”

But just as he said that, there was huge burping noise and the whole engine room shuddered like a subway train out of control.

“Oh no, sir. It’s happening again.”

Kirk looked around and shouted to Scotty. “keep an eye on the engines. I’ll get back to the bridge.”

Kirk stumbled his way through the wobbling corridors. It was like being in a force 10 earthquake. When he finally reached the bridge, the crew was staring up at the window again. The green landscape was disappearing. It looked like they were heading for a big dark hole.

“Can’t we turn the ship around, Mr. Zulu?” Kirk asked.

Mr. Zulu shook his head. “No, sir. We have lost control!”

The ship bumped and tumbled and twisted and turned and entered the deep black hole. The crew shrieked and shouted. It felt like they were on a super-galactic rollercoaster.

But then there was a deafening noise, like air being sucked out of a giant balloon. Kirk looked up from the floor where he landed. Out of the window, he saw billions of stars and the familiar indigo-black space around them.

Spock pulled himself back into his seat. He looked at the stars and raised one eyebrow. “Sir, I think we just came out of the poophole!”

The End

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