Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Swallowed: Part Three

(See here for part one and here for part two)

Back on the ship, Scotty and the rest of the crew were relieved to see Kirk, Spock, and Uhura when beam-up was complete. But Scotty said he needed a private conversation with Captain Kirk, They went into the engine rooms and Scotty whispered, “The engines almost exploded while you were gone.”

Kirk’s eyes widened like space saucers. “What happened? What made them nearly explode? Are the engines working okay now?”

Scotty nodded. “The heart was the problem. Its vibrations were too strong for the ship. Her engine’s are old, Captian. They couldn’t stand the shaking. Hopefully it’s over now.”

But just as he said that, there was huge burping noise and the whole engine room shuddered like a subway train out of control.

“Oh no, sir. It’s happening again.”

Kirk looked around and shouted to Scotty. “keep an eye on the engines. I’ll get back to the bridge.”

Kirk stumbled his way through the wobbling corridors. It was like being in a force 10 earthquake. When he finally reached the bridge, the crew was staring up at the window again. The green landscape was disappearing. It looked like they were heading for a big dark hole.

“Can’t we turn the ship around, Mr. Zulu?” Kirk asked.

Mr. Zulu shook his head. “No, sir. We have lost control!”

The ship bumped and tumbled and twisted and turned and entered the deep black hole. The crew shrieked and shouted. It felt like they were on a super-galactic rollercoaster.

But then there was a deafening noise, like air being sucked out of a giant balloon. Kirk looked up from the floor where he landed. Out of the window, he saw billions of stars and the familiar indigo-black space around them.

Spock pulled himself back into his seat. He looked at the stars and raised one eyebrow. “Sir, I think we just came out of the poophole!”

The End

Monday, September 27, 2010

Beware of Scary Giants!

I made this movie with my friend Zoe - and her sister Sabine!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Swallowed: Part Two

“You’re right, Spock. We’ve been swallowed,” said Kirk, shaking his head and still looking out at the strange green sight.

Then Uhura asked, “But what swallowed us? And how did it get here, in the middle of space? And why did it swallow us?”

Kirk turned to Uhura. “Good questions. We must found out the answers!”

Spock saw something else out of the window. “Sir, I see something strange. Is that a heart?”

Everyone on the bridge stared up at the window. The heart was huge, and a rainbow of colors: blue, green, yellow, red, purple, and black. It was beating like a mad and hungry ape.

As the Enterprise got closer it started to shake with the heart’s vibrations.

Kirk shouted, “To the transporter room. Follow me, Mr Spock. Uhura.”

In the transporter room, Scotty was taking a nap. He woke up with a start as Kirk blasted through the door.

“Wh….Wh…what is it, Sir?”

Kirk jumped onto the transporter platform. Spock and Uhura followed.

“Beam us down, Scotty,” Kirk commanded.

Scotty rubbed his sleepy eyes. “Och, aye, sir. Whatever ya say.”

In a few seconds, Kirk and the crew were on the beating heart. They could hardly stand. It was like being on a giant trampoline. The beating noise was so loud, Spock covered his pointy ears.

Kirk got out his special Analyzer machine and jabbed it into the squidgy surface of the heart. The machine made a beeping noise and its lights flashed. Kirk handed the Analyzer to Spock. Spock read its small screen.

“Sir, we were right. This is heart. And the animal whose heart it belongs to is the Black Hole Space Blob.”

Kirk and Uhura gasped. They had read about the Black hole Space Blob in space school. They thought it was a myth. Ancient stories told of spacecraft being swallowed by the blob and disappearing forever.

“What are we going to do now?” shouted Uhura above the loud beating.

Kirk sighed. “We must return to ship and find a way out.” He flipped open his communicator and shouted, “Beam us up, Scotty”

To be continued….

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Star Trekking

I like watching Star Trek. Here is the first part of my own Star Trek story.


It was a quiet day on the U.S.S. Enterprise. Captain Kirk was talking to Spock.

“Last night,” he said, “I heard a strange rumbling, like a big stomach was hungry. Did you hear?”

Spock raised an eyebrow. “No, sir. I didn’t hear it.”

Then Uhura, who was passing by, said. “I heard that noise too, Captain.”

“Maybe it was just a little problem with the engines. I’ll ask Scottie about it later,” said Kirk.

But some time later as they were entering a new Galaxy, Snowdfarsia. The whole ship shook violently. Spock fell off his seat and Zulu slipped down the steps. Captain Kirk was coming back into the bridge and bonked his nose on the doors which didn’t open because of the shaking.

When Kirk recovered, he rushed into the bridge. He stopped suddenly and looked up at the huge window.


The whole sky outside had turned bright green like the fresh grass in a meadow. Kirk didn’t faint but he was so surprised. Spock and Zulu had now stood up and they stared with eyes as big as pineapples at the strange sight. The ship began to shake and wobble and tremble. Everyone grabbed for a seat or a desk or anything they could find.

Spock suddenly spied a black hole in the middle of the green space with white spikey edges that pointed up and down like teeth of an ancient T-Rex.

“Sir, I think we may have been swallowed!”

to be continued…

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Benny's Movie Review: Charlie Chaplin's The Kid

The Kid – director Charlie Chaplin

In “The Kid,” a movie by Charlie Chaplin, there is a tramp and an orphan. At the beginning, the boy is born and his mother can’t look after him so she leaves him in a rich person’s car. But two naughty crooks steal the car. When they are driving away, they hear the baby scream. They put the baby near a trash can! A little tramp who wears a hat and baggy pants finds the baby. The tramp is called Charlie Chaplin. He takes the baby to his shelter and looks after him.

The boy grows to five years old. He helps the tramp make money. He throws rocks at windows and smashes them. Then, Charlie Chaplin fixes them! And then, after a while, the mean and terrible and horrible orphan catchers come. They try and take the kid away in a truck. But the tramp runs as fast as he can and gets the kid back. Just when he is safe again, the kid’s mom shows up. She wants him back. The tramp is very sad but then the mom says he can come and stay with her and the kid named John.

My favorite part of the movie was when the tramp had the baby hanging up in a basket. The baby was drinking from a teapot! At one point, the baby couldn’t get the teapot but the tramp helped him. The scariest part was when the orphan catchers tried to get the kid. I cried and I felt sad. But then I was happy at the end.

I like Charlie Chaplin because he has a famous and weird walk. He puts his feet out to the sides and his legs make the shape of a lemon. He has a cane that he swings and sometimes he falls down. He makes me laugh.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

How a Brown and White Dog became a Buddha!

This is the first part of my new miniseries called "The Story of Rume Siddharta." It's about how a small brown and white dog became a Buddha!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Rume, Storms, and a Poem

Rume and the Lightning Bolt
By Benny (typed by Jojo!)

Rume the white and brown doggy,
In the swaying, green grass.
Her fur so soft,
Smooth like an ice cube.

She spies an orange and pink butterfly,
Dancing in the air.
Rume gets ready to pounce
Like a tiger in the hot jungle of India.

But, woo, a scary, loud thunder cracks,
Rume snaps her head up,
To the black clouds.
Rain started dropping like a leaves in the Fall.

Rume runs for cover.
Too late.

The fast, blinding, yellow lightning hits scurrying Rume.
She lets out loud, frightened, high-pitched yelp.

The storm rumbles away over the treetops.
Rume lies still as a rock.
But then her right eye gives little blink.

She pulls herself up onto her paws
She feels lightening and fire energy in her small body.
Rume begins to run.

Trees whirl, lights flash, birds fly from their branches,
Rume is running almost the speed of light.
Faster than a cheater
Faster than a space rocket.
Faster than sound.

On and on and on she goes.

She catches the lumbering storm and overtakes him.
She leaves raindrops in her speeding, sparkling dust.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

MOMA and Matisse

I went to MOMA with my friend Kavi...

We drew this painting by the artist Henri Matisse.

We liked the helicopter too!