Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Rume, Storms, and a Poem

Rume and the Lightning Bolt
By Benny (typed by Jojo!)

Rume the white and brown doggy,
In the swaying, green grass.
Her fur so soft,
Smooth like an ice cube.

She spies an orange and pink butterfly,
Dancing in the air.
Rume gets ready to pounce
Like a tiger in the hot jungle of India.

But, woo, a scary, loud thunder cracks,
Rume snaps her head up,
To the black clouds.
Rain started dropping like a leaves in the Fall.

Rume runs for cover.
Too late.

The fast, blinding, yellow lightning hits scurrying Rume.
She lets out loud, frightened, high-pitched yelp.

The storm rumbles away over the treetops.
Rume lies still as a rock.
But then her right eye gives little blink.

She pulls herself up onto her paws
She feels lightening and fire energy in her small body.
Rume begins to run.

Trees whirl, lights flash, birds fly from their branches,
Rume is running almost the speed of light.
Faster than a cheater
Faster than a space rocket.
Faster than sound.

On and on and on she goes.

She catches the lumbering storm and overtakes him.
She leaves raindrops in her speeding, sparkling dust.


Kate said...

Benny I love your poem, want to read it again and again

Figs, Bay, Wine said...

Benny, I love this poem! What a great writer you are.