This is my copy (left) of the famous Titian sketch (right). I did this copywork, and others, at a Foundations of Drawing class for homeschoolers with a really great teacher, Sarah Crumlich. See my other drawing from the class here.

I have been learning to draw Manga comics. You can see more of my Manga drawings here.

We went to MOMA and saw an exhibit called American Modern: Hopper to O'Keefe. I drew this picture of Edward Hopper's famous painting, "House on the Railroad."

Here's a picture of Dr Who's Tardis, which I drew on the computer!

I attended art classes at New York's Art Student's League with a really great teacher, Marilyn Friedman. This (below) is my drawing inspired by Kandinsky. Click here to see more of my artwork from this class.

I have also learned cartooning via a very cool website where Mark Kistler teaches 3D Drawing through online videos. It is really, really fun! Here is my shark and you can see other pictures here.

A couple of summers ago, I did a fabulous Surrealist art summer camp. Here is my very surreal collage and you can see more from the camp here and here.

And I also did a class called Modern Art for Homeschoolers. This is my piece inspired by Helen Frankenthaler. To see more of my pieces from this class, click here.

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