Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Very Light Car

I saw a short documentary on PBS about Edison2’s Very Light Car. It is super light (800lbs) and not only drives fast, but can drive super fast. It is shaped like nail so that it cuts through the air and along the road. The designers at Edison2 say that it can go one hundred miles on one gallon of gas. This would make the car better for world than other cars, even electric ones. They say that a “very light and aerodynamic car is more efficient than a heavier one with more drag, no matter what type of power source is used.” The designers hope to win a big prize of 10 million dollars and then they can make the car so perhaps everyone could buy one. I would like to drive one. I like that it goes fast and like the shape and the snazzy wheels.

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Leisa said...

Aside from electric and hybrid cars, light cars are also eco- and user-friendly. They're very fast! Anyway, did the designers win the 10 million dollar prize? They deserve it for inventing light cars. =)

Leisa Dreps