Sunday, September 12, 2010

Benny's Movie Review: Charlie Chaplin's The Kid

The Kid – director Charlie Chaplin

In “The Kid,” a movie by Charlie Chaplin, there is a tramp and an orphan. At the beginning, the boy is born and his mother can’t look after him so she leaves him in a rich person’s car. But two naughty crooks steal the car. When they are driving away, they hear the baby scream. They put the baby near a trash can! A little tramp who wears a hat and baggy pants finds the baby. The tramp is called Charlie Chaplin. He takes the baby to his shelter and looks after him.

The boy grows to five years old. He helps the tramp make money. He throws rocks at windows and smashes them. Then, Charlie Chaplin fixes them! And then, after a while, the mean and terrible and horrible orphan catchers come. They try and take the kid away in a truck. But the tramp runs as fast as he can and gets the kid back. Just when he is safe again, the kid’s mom shows up. She wants him back. The tramp is very sad but then the mom says he can come and stay with her and the kid named John.

My favorite part of the movie was when the tramp had the baby hanging up in a basket. The baby was drinking from a teapot! At one point, the baby couldn’t get the teapot but the tramp helped him. The scariest part was when the orphan catchers tried to get the kid. I cried and I felt sad. But then I was happy at the end.

I like Charlie Chaplin because he has a famous and weird walk. He puts his feet out to the sides and his legs make the shape of a lemon. He has a cane that he swings and sometimes he falls down. He makes me laugh.

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