History/Culture/Religion Studies

Using Gloria K. Fiero's The Humanistic Tradition, Jojo, Baba and I are studying history, culture, and religion from the Ancients onwards.

Click these links to see the reading lists for each module of our studies

Part 1: Prehistory, the Hebrews, Ancient Mesopotamia, Ancient Egypt and Greece
(also see photos from our trip to Greece, where we saw all the great sites we had read about)

Part 2: Ancient Rome

Part 3: Birth of Christianity

Part 4: The Middle Ages

Part 5: India and Hinduism
(also see photos from our trip to India, where we stayed in ashrams, visited temples, and learned so much more about India and Hinduism - see here, here, and here)

Part 6: Early and Italian Renaissance

Part 7: Ancient Americas

Part 8: The Romantics

Part 9: Zen Buddhism

Part 10: Early Modern and Enlightenment Eras

Part 11: The American Transcendentalists

My dog, Rumi, likes to travel through time too!

And here I am talking to Thich Nhat Hanh, one of the most important Buddhist teachers in the world today!


And here is A Day of Mindfulness at Blue Cliff Monastery (one of Thich Nhat Hanh's monasteries) told in Lego.


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