Friday, January 18, 2013

India: Part Two

After staying at Shantivanam Ashram, we traveled four hours north to another town in Tamil Nadu called Tiruvannamalai. There we stayed at Sri Ramana Ashram, which "was home to modern sage and Advaita Vedanta philosopher, Ramana Maharshi from 1922 till his death in 1950." We had fun going to the daily chanting and puja ceremonies at Maharshi's shrine.

It was really great to climb the sacred Arunchala hill

Ramana loved animals and there were lots to see at the ashram

There were even shrines to Ramana's favorite animals, such as Lakshmi the cow

The ashram fed us really yummy breakfast, lunch, and dinner, which we ate off banana leaves!

We found a very cool playground nearby too

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Gopi Kanna said...

Awesome...I am a Candian living in Chennai..So nice to see pictures of Ramanashram..