Saturday, August 20, 2011

Surreal Summer - Part Two

My surrealism camp (see the post below) was so fun and inspiring, Baba, Jojo and I went to see surrealist art at New York's MOMA.

Here's an exquisite corpse like the one we did at camp.

And, of course, Dali's famous melting clocks!

We sat in MOMA's sculpture garden and drew our own melting clocks:

And when we got home, we made some surreal sculptures. Here's a Pop-Lego-maker!

And "Sink with Light"!

And "Red Oven"!

Surreal Summer - Part One

A few weeks ago I went to a fantastic Surrealism summer camp at the awesome Painted Cloud Studio.

Here is my surreal collage:

And an "exquisite corpse" done my classmates and I (each person adds a part - head, torso, legs - to the picture):

My surreal firetruck-tree!

Decolamania is a technique used by surrealists where you spread paint on a surface, then press it onto another surface, and then look for imagery in the blots. Here's my decolamaniac monster:

And here are my surreal Bat-Cobras:

And a surreal poem!

We all did 3D surreal landscapes. Mine is the one at the right at the back with the orange stalactites and green stalagmites!

You can see more of my classmates and my work at the Cloud Kids blog.